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Raising A Self-Sufficient Church
In Africa Is Our Priority

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am super excited for what the Lord has done, is doing and going to do.

My name is Juan E. Sharp Sr., Pastor of Resurrection Power Ministries located in the US. God has given me passion for the success in the African Churches.

When I was a young child, the Lord envisioned myself with a shipment of humanitarian goods passing them out to the people in Africa. I never wanted to send monies; I wanted to be able to deliver them in person. 
In 2022 God brought the desire and vision to pass. (Praise the Lord)! Also, with the guidance of the Lord, God allowed us to minister throughout Cameroon, Africa and a sponsor playing an intricate part of the Richard Roberts 2000 Pastor Conference in 2022.

In short, God has shown me a vision that will tear down the spiritual mindset of poverty in the African Churches and to become a self-sufficient viable church through God and the resources that he has given all of us.

We can win this battle just like Gideon, as a leader of the Israelites; he won a decisive victory over a Midianite army despite a vast numerical disadvantage, leading a troop of 300.

As you know the story of Gideon, he thought that he needed a whole lot of soldiers to become victorious. However, God broke down his troop from 30,000.00 to 300.

God doesn’t need many. He can get it done with just a few Godly, Honest, Spirit Lead, Gifted, Talented, Selfless and Resilient men and women of God that will sharpen their swords and get this revolution started and start seeing the victory won with this move of God in Africa.

I believe the time is now for the body of Christ to work together and build economic development for our churches in Africa and abroad.

So we are calling for those who are ready to use their skills, talents, gifts and resources to develop a legacy for you, your family and churches through eternity.

To assure that churches throughout Africa and abroad will work together to become an economically sufficient body of Christ to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God.

Supply pastors with guided ministerial resources to develop and strengthen the leadership and design economic develop to sustain local churches and collectively working together as the Kingdom Builders of God with a guided Sword from God in our hands.


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Meet Our Team

Juan Sharp


Rev. Godwin Gold

Coordinator (Nigeria)

Rev Oviasuyi


Evang Abang Arlette Clemence


Tchouanta Fabiola


Rev. Haddison Chambi Fombon


Rev Christopher Unogwa


Pst Ben-Imasuen Benson


“It takes team work to make the dream work”